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Sports are great for everybody. Beyond the simple fact that playing a sport is fun, there are many reasons why playing sports should be part of your weekly routine. Even if you don’t play on a team, engaging in sports activities can be very beneficial. First of all, sports require your body to move. By moving your body, you are engaging in physical activity which is good exercise. Exercising can help you lose weight and combat health conditions, as well as improve your mood and boost your energy. Sports are also good for making friends. When you play for a team, you are able to enjoy exciting moments together, as well as endure the lows, which creates long-lasting friendships. It teaches you about teamwork and sportsmanship.


If you love playing baseball and softball, Going 406 LLC offers a great place, around Polk City, where you can practice your favorite sport. Going 406 LLC is filled with batting cages and areas where you can practice pitching, hitting and fielding. Whether you play baseball or softball for fun or for a competitive team, Going 406 LLC is a place where you can improve your game.

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