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The best baseball hitters don’t just go up to the plate and hit the ball as hard as they can. Batting is much more than taking a hack at the ball and using your athletic ability. Batting takes proper mechanics. Every batter has their own unique stance, set ups and ways to hit the ball. But when you take a close look and past their differences, you will notice that all these great hitters have something in common - proper mechanics. Batting is a battle and using your athletic ability is not enough. By having proper mechanics, you will be able to improve your batting leaps and bounds.


Here at Going 406 LLC, located near Eagle Lake, FL, we can help you improve your batting. With the help of technology, we can track your velocity, point of impact, angles and individual trends over several batting sessions at our facility. We also have a staff with years of experience on the professional level who can give you tips and pointers to improve your batting mechanics.

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