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HitTrax, ProBatter Sports PX3, Strikeout Pro

PX3 Baseball.jpeg

With the HitTrax simulator, you can track the distance you hit the ball, angles, velocity and point of impact. For athletes who are more serious about the game, the HitTrax simulator can give you a pitch-by-pitch analysis, as well as chart individual trends. The best part of it all, you can choose the Major League Baseball park of your choice to make it feel like you are hitting at the park. For pitchers, you can try the ProBatter Stikeout Pro. This simulator was designed with a 9 by 9 grid and catcher to help improve your pitching accuracy and speed.


At Going 406 LLC, we also have professional instructors who have years of college and professional experience. They provide private lessons and can give you tips on how to improve your hitting, pitching, catching and fielding.


Going 406 LLC is a great place to be for any baseball and softball enthusiast, no matter what skill level. Whether you just like playing for fun or play on a competitive level, Going 406 LLC is definitely a place that can take your game to new heights.

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