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Are you looking for indoor batting cages near Lake Wales, FL? If so, look no further than Going 406 LLC. Here at Going 406 LLC, we absolutely love the game of baseball. That is why we offer an 8,500 square ft air conditioned facility with 6 indoor batting cages. You can use our indoor batting cages with a tee or with our Hack Attack pitching machine, which offers pitching speeds from 30 mph up to 100 mph. We also have a hitting simulator which you can use to track velocity, angle and distance. Here at Going 406 LLC, we are dedicated to providing baseball players with a facility where they can improve their game. Even if you just play baseball recreationally, Going 406 LLC’s indoor batting cages are great for players of all skill levels.


So if you are looking for indoor batting cages around Lake Wales, make sure to stop by Going 406 LLC today.

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