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Are you searching for batting cages near the Kathleen, FL area? If so, come to Going 406 LLC. Here at Going 406 LLC, we have an 8,500 square foot indoor baseball and softball facility located near Kathleen. Our facility features six batting cages with Hack Attack three-wheel pitching machines that offer up to eight pitches at speeds of 30 to 100 mph. What really sets our cages apart is our HitTrax simulator. With our HitTrax simulator, you can choose your skill level and the Major League Baseball park of your choice. Our HitTrax simulator will make you feel like you are playing in an actual MLB park, you will forget that you are practicing in some cages. With a ceiling mounted radar, you will be able to track your velocity, point of impact, angle, as well as measure the distance of the hit ball. Also the Pro Batter PX3 can throw multiple pitches anywhere in the zone.


Whether you want to hit balls for fun or take your game to the next level, we welcome you to try out our cages today.

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