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Do you want to improve on you hitting? If so, come by Going 406 LLC. Here at Going 406 LLC, we have six batting cages with automated pitching machines that pitches balls from 30 to 100mph to help improve on your bat speed. What really sets us apart is our use of high-tech software to improve our hitting. With the HitTrax simulator, you will be able to track your swing for point of impact, velocity, angle and it can also estimate how far you hit the ball. It can also chart individual trends for batters over several sessions. Here at Going 406 LLC, we also have a staff on hand that has years of experience playing professional and collegiate baseball, and who can offer hitting tips.


So if you want to improve your hitting, we welcome you to come by Going 406 LLC, if you are near the Bartow, FL area. We look forward to meeting you.

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